About Me

Myself as my alter ego, ‘Supermanda’, with my Uncle Barry.

My life began in New Haven, Connecticut, and apart of my heart will always remain there. After holding a variety of jobs, ranging from bartending, to working in professional sports (for two rival teams), to sales.

Batter up at Fenway: for those who care, I hit the ball to the outfield grass.

These dishes aren’t going to wash themselves: the job I had during the first and second years of my PhD had me bartending, waitressing, and washing dishes.

I went back to school to obtain my masters in Women’s Studies at Southern Connecticut State University in 2014. In 2016, I started my PhD at the UCL School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies. Although I still moonlight behind a bar from time to time, I believe that I have finally found my niche in academia. Additionally, I am obsessed with Black Metal Cats, David Attenborough documentary series, and terriers of all kinds.

With fellow Metal Music Studies colleagues after a conference in Denmark.