Academic Research

I have a myriad of academic research interests.

I have been published on these topics:

-gender studies methodology

-diegetic sound in horror texts

-heavy metal music

-motherhood/fatherhood and childbirth in horror texts


-feminist fan interpretations of Game of Thrones

My current PhD research focuses on women in the Finnish heavy metal music scene. The objective of my doctoral work is to examine gender as a part of the complex web of cultural connections between Finnish women and heavy metal.  Thus, the main research question of this study is: How is the female gender conceptualized, perpetuated, and performed in the Finnish heavy metal subculture? The focus of this study will be on rituals, rules, traditions, and behaviours of and relation to women that are found within the Finnish heavy metal subculture, though interview questions will also address how gender in songs and performers is seen by, and therefore influences, fans.

My first book, Childbirth and Parenting in Horror Texts: The Marginalized and the Monstrous, was published in July of 2017 by Emerald Publishing. This book examines childbirth and parenting in horror texts. By analysing new texts, and re-analysing commonly used texts with new feminist methodology, this study provides a unique contribution to the fields of gender and horror studies. Focusing on horror fiction and film, this book reviews textual treatments of birth and motherhood, and how they differ from representations of fatherhood. Motherhood and birth are represented as revolting in several ways. Mothers in horror do not fulfil their gender role, and the neglect of motherhood by a woman is deemed horrific because it is the antithesis of Western patriarchal ideals of female identity. These mothers are unforgiven. Bad fathers, in contrast, are given moments of restoration that allow audiences or readers to feel immediate sympathy for them. Examining conception, birth, motherhood and fathers, this work provides a unique exploration of the monstrous and the marginalized within the horror genre. Want to find out more? Encourage your local library to carry my book, or purchase my book by clicking here.