Academic Engagement

Snapped by Dr. Jasmine Shadrack, during a seminar at the University of Northampton

My passion for academic research has lead me to present at numerous academic conferences and academic seminars.

My academic interests have lead me to present my research in the United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, and the United States.

I am experienced in being on, or charing, academic panels.

I have also been a featured academic expert in fundraising events for the Vagina Museum, with inclusion on the Wikipedia page to prove it.

At Nine Worlds 2017, I presented my academic research on werewolves and heavy metal music. Nine Worlds is ‘London’s multi-genre convention for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, cosplay, science and having a big party‘.

A brief overview of my academic engagement may be seen below (I have also included some photos of myself presenting):

Conference Presentations:

DiGioia Amanda. ‘Type O Negative and Little Red Riding Hood’. Legion of Steel Metalfeast and Conference. Berkeley, California. November 2015.

DiGioia, Amanda. “Mother, may I bang my head?’ Portrayals of motherhood in heavy metal music’. Modern Heavy Metal 2016. Aalto University: Helsinki, Finland. June 2016.

DiGioia, Amanda. “Death by Stereo!’ Sonic Horror in Vampire Texts’. Extreme Music: Hearing and Nothingness. The University of Southern Denmark: Odense, Denmark. December 2016.

DiGioia, Amanda. ‘Localized Narratives of Identity in the heavy metal scene of New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America’. Modern Heavy Metal 2017. Aalto University: Helsinki, Finland. June 2017.

DiGioia, Amanda. ‘‘All my life I’ve been knocking men like you into the dust’: Critiques of Game of Thrones within online feminist communities’. Game of Thrones: An International Conference. University of Hertfordshire. Hatfield, United Kingdom. September 2018.


DiGioia, Amanda. ‘‘Grey Members of a Congregation of Nightmare’’: The Howls of Wolves in Horror and Heavy Metal Music’. Topics in the Aesthetics of Music and Sound: (More) Extreme Music at the University of Southern Denmark at Odense. University of Southern Denmark. Odense, Denmark. September 2016.

DiGioia, Amanda. ‘Childbirth and Parenting in Horror Texts’. Series in Psychoanalysis. University of Northampton. Northampton, United Kingdom. February 2018.

Here I am participating in a Q&A with Vagina Museum founder, Florence Schechter.