Public Engagement


Photo by Steve Cross

I frequently do standup comedy in London. I have participated in Books Showoff, The Over-Anaylsers Book Club, and History Showoff, all hosted and organised by Dr. Steve Cross. Dr. Steve Cross also runs Science Showoff, your favourite science comedy cabaret show if you are an awesome nerd.

Standup sets of mine have included jokes on rabies, Dracula, and werewolves in London.

I have also spoken to crowds on academic subjects at Nine Worlds, which is London’s multi-genre convention for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, cosplay, science and having a big party.

Another upcoming event (which I am extremely excited for) is being a featured expert on a panel at Tuska, a heavy metal music festival in Helsinki, Finland.

Keep your eyes on this space for further announcements!

Photo by Steve Cross